Mike Bonin Walks Out On Black History

Councilman Mike Bonin's tokenism and community evasion shenanigans reach a new low.

THREE YEARS LATER A Trans-National Alliance Response To the Homeless Killings of 2015

by Pat Raphael No,no, no, no, NO! This will just not do in Venice. To come into our community and murder one of our young men, then spend the next few years successfully navigating sham courts in a tilted legal system, and totally escape punishment or meaningful consequence for that killing? No! We do not...

No More Sam Jam Mom, Please.

Penske sanctioned gentrification party desecrates First Baptist Church of Venice; takes over Oakwood Park for the day.


Every Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM, you can see a crowd of Venice People gathering in front of the First Baptist Church on the northwest corner of 7th Avenue and Westminster Avenue in Oakwood in the heart of Venice. They gather there to protest the shameful and illegal sale of this historic church building. There...

Venice LOVE Report: Gentrifuckation

Gentrifuckation, An Overview: The last beachside community of color in the State of California. Yeah, whom are we going to charge for their crimes? It is a well known fact in town, the Venice Wrecking Ball Gang, who demo people’s dreams and enjoyment of our neighborhood would be so quick to utilize their privilege to...

My World: Race in America

By Ronald K. Mc Kinley I recently had a conversation, discussion, with someone I held in some regard. What we discussed is not important. We did not agree. This someone said to me “In your world,” when we did not concur. I could not respond. It was strange. We were not alone; others were listening,...