Summation of L.A. Historic Designation Effort for First Baptist Church of Venice

Summary and overview of the L.A. City Historic Designation effort for the First Baptist Church of Venice.

Backs Against The Ocean, Homeless People Persevere on OFW

By Greta Cobar The poor are getting poorer and are being pushed further and further, until they reach the end of the rope, or the end of the world, also known as Venice Beach. In the last few months hundreds of people have moved onto Ocean Front Walk (OFW), where they set up camp, almost...

City May Be Growing Tired of Neighborhood Council Experiment

By Jim Smith Could this be the beginning of the end of “grassroots” democracy. First, the city threatened to cut off the money it doles out to its 95 certified neighborhood councils. During the last two years annual funding has been cut from $50,000 to $40,000. Still, the city is shelling out nearly $4 million...