May 1, 2015


No More Police Brutality – Enyaj Pitchford Yes … I did it again … Sticks and Stones – Mark Lipman A Rain Prayer for California – Majid Naficy Breasts – Mary Getlein Mama – Chaya Silberstein Roger Houston Unjustice – Jaclyn A. Zepnick —————————————— No more Police Brutality Together we demand a New Reality Homelessness...

POWER Press Release

Tami Pardee, realtor of the 1%, for the past ten years has been “Taking Away” from our Venice Community.  “Taking Away” our affordable housing.  “Taking Away” our culture and history.  “Taking Away” the very character of this unique community, while throwing away the very people of Venice, who make Venice a place worth living.  Tami...
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