April 12, 2017
George Francisco gentrification Agent

If George Francisco Could Speak

George Francisco is the Vice President of the Venice Neighborhood Council. Why is it that he doesn’t say much at meetings?

David Busch on his FAST FOR VENICE

DAY 26 –FAST FOR VENICE It is such an honor to us all to live and take our stands for what we believe –in Venice. Just to bring everybody up to date on “THE FAST FOR VENICE.” On Monday March 19th, my 20th day of the water-only fast, I collapsed twice in that morning: Since...

Letter to the California Coastal Commission

Judy Esposito has consented to letting us publish her letter to the California Coastal Commission. – Beachhead Dear Mr. Hudson and Ms. Henry, California Coastal Comission. I represent a large group of people, some of whom were appellants of several of the coastal exemption cases a year ago in Santa Rosa. You may remember me...

Black Legacies Of Venice Ignored: City Letting Historic Irvin Tabor Family Compound Be Destroyed

Venice community members met in front of the historic early home of the Irvin Tabor family to protest the destruction of this home through negligence by the city. This property, purchased in 1916, by Venice historic figure Irvin Tabor with the support of his friend and employer Abbot Kinney, founder of The Venice of America....