September 2018
Frank T Rios - venice beat Poet

Frank T. Rios — Venice West Poet (March 22, 1936 – August 20, 2018)

By Bill Mohr Frank T. Rios, a poet who joined the Venice West poetry scene in the late 1950s and remained one of its most loyal advocates, died early this morning, at age 82, according to his friend, the poet S.A. Griffin. Rios was born in New York and grew up there; he moved to...


By Pegarty Long – Photos by Pegarty Long I first saw Frankie in 1974. Not that I actually spoke with him at that time because he was lying back on a chair, dressed entirely in black, head down and talking to no one. He was depressed. His best friend, Venice Beat Poet Stuart Z. Perkoff,...
Mike Bonin | First Baptist Church of Venice

Mike Bonin Walks Out On Black History

Councilman Mike Bonin's tokenism and community evasion shenanigans reach a new low.

What Needs to Be Said

by Mark Lipman Due to the draconian 1 minute time limit for public comment at the Venice Neighborhood Council – which prevents a calm and respectful conversation on the issues that are most important to the community, here is my full statement for the people of Venice and VNC: I moved to Venice in February...

THREE YEARS LATER A Trans-National Alliance Response To the Homeless Killings of 2015

by Pat Raphael No,no, no, no, NO! This will just not do in Venice. To come into our community and murder one of our young men, then spend the next few years successfully navigating sham courts in a tilted legal system, and totally escape punishment or meaningful consequence for that killing? No! We do not...
First Baptist, CA Church of Venice

Your Venice, CA History Update

photos by Margaret Molloy The West Los Angeles Planning Commission met on August 15, 2018 to hear an appeal from Venice activists to oppose a proposal to convert the First Baptist Church of Venice into an 11,760 square foot single-family dwelling with rooftop parking. This historic African-American church on Westminster Avenue and 7th Avenue in...