2020 Vision: What An Awesome Year of Clarity

Wow! …it’s okay to take a breath. You’ve made it all the way to here, December of 2020 — a memorable year like no other. We all remember coming into 2020 with a bang of so much hope, happy to be rid of the bummer that was 2019… boy oh boy. If only then, we could see ourselves now, 73 years later (Dec2020), fondly looking back at the ‘normalcy’ of 2019, hoping for a lil’ dose of that regular we had back then, before the clarity of 2020 up-ended every ‘normal’ that we never should have allowed ourselves to get accustomed to — even back then… but here we are. It is what it is. And having made it here, it’s important for all of us to take a moment, and run our own personal In Memoriam reel, to take time and fondly look back at all those whom we personally know,
among our friends and family, who for whatever reason did not make it to here.

We go forward on behalf of all of these beloved that can not be here, and take them with us. 2020 will forever be the year that many of us got too many undeniable answers to ever again exist in externally imposed obscurity. This is the year that we were given the time and space to dig deep into our search for answers. Many for the first time, had the time to give closer consideration to big issues of government and politics and history in ways that our everyday life often does not call on us to do.

We who made good use of this time, receive a year of full clarity — 2020 vision. But all of that was the internal journey — coupled with the big external journey that the country traveled as a result of the CoVid, then add the blatancy of the public execution in Minnesota, all while the process of vying for power between left and right was playing out in a national campaign. Suddenly we arrive at a place where too much was clear for that bullsh!t to get run anymore… It’s like a critical mass of the whole nation has had the scales fall away, and with what we see, a deeper understanding beyond mere words have kicked in — like when your gut aligns with your head.

For me, it was right around August when I realized the journey ahead. That was around when my own process of clarity assured me I am ready for the storm I now jump into: Pat Raphael for California’s Thirty-Third. Nowhere else to make this announcement than the Peace and Freedom Party’s very own neighborhood paper, The Free Venice Beachhead.

My winning campaign is simple, I will stand in clarity together with all of us here in the 33rd, and upon examination, that clarity will make sense to both our guts and our heads. Then the choice will be easy — I’m going to congress y’all, Distinguished Gentleman style. “Pat! you’re f^cken crazy, and a little full of yourself.” Exactly! That’s kinda who it takes to jump into this mess and give themselves through to this insane process we’ve created for going to D.C. What person of family and good sense will put themselves through this money-fueled, media-driven high wire act of running for office? I know many in the 33rd who might even be better at the job than myself, but none are similarly positioned to be able to run.

My job in winning is to pull down some of these barriers so that the best of us who would excel in governing positions are not prevented by process. It’s me, running for y’all because along the way I have come to realize that it’s not about me, it’s gotta be for we… It’s me running for y’all because I’m still here and have not been bought off by any of the big moneyed interests who are in a better position to draft and put forth their candidate — with those candidates explicitly understanding who they owe in getting into office. Lucky for us here in the 33rd, my win will come from the ground up. None can walk through my door and say I owe them, other than the voters of the 33rd. I am not for sale, I am not bought and I am not paid for — so how can I win in an arena where money often determines the outcome? Without money, I have to devise other creative ways of getting the attention of the thirty-third’s voters, and once I have their attention, deliver unto them a clear choice.

The key that opens all these doors that I will walk through, was given to me right here in Venice. Along the way, in my dialogues and discussions I have come to profoundly understand the value of balance. It took piecing it all together from many sources, but if you look close enough, it will become clear that a very well-oiled control mechanism is being implemented upon all of us by the political elite of the two-party system. Effectively taking the two halves of our divine make-up — our masculinity and our femininity — and then splitting these two valid pieces of our psyche between the two political parties, leaving us divided and fighting amongst each other. So in the masculine, there are many things to conserve: a good foundational framework, disciplined budget of fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, personal freedom and rugged individualism, governance by non-intrusion. The trick is to convince us that these qualities can only come from one side of the two-sided coin. Which means the progressive instincts in the feminine such as equality, Labor’s access to wealth creation, care for the environment, maintenance of the social safety-net, global non-intervention — as valid as these are, we are taught if you want one set of priorities, you can not have (or should even be hostile) to the other set of priorities.

Here in Venice, the neighbors I have spoken to see this for what it is: divide and conquer. I am committed to embracing both sides of our divine nature as that is the only way to overcome this artificial separation. There is a toxicity that has metastasized into a deadly cancer in our body politics. This cancerous growth is rooted in history, infected from our unaddressed race-based past of colonial white-supremacy, and has continued all the way to 2020. This is a condition that has previously threatened the very existence of our nation, but generation after generation has risen to the occasion, and have embraced the ideals of our national creed, and forced us (at times kicking and screaming), to continue on a sometimes choppy march forth to progress. Thank God for all they who came before and delivered unto us, this American wonder land for us to enjoy.

Our legacy in this moment when the major institutions of our democracy are under attack, is to once again arise as patriots, each of us from our own station, and save the republic. This is why I’m here, and I’ve accepted the calling to bend with the arc of justice, and take us forth towards our promised More Perfect Union. So let us address this cancer, that threatening us all… on the net it sprinkles the comment section as CWII, or 1776.2, but whatever we call it, we can not ignore that this is a threat of political terrorism. This latest outgrowth is the continuation of a political lineage that puts the accumulation of wealth and power as the ONLY outcomes of value, and anything is permitted in pursuit of the primary goal of wealth and power. These are the greedy few, who created the Frankenstein monster that even they may lose control of.

For too long, there has been too great a value in maintaining the low-information voter. Spend a few generations maligning the intellectual elite and the liberal media and the deep state bureaucrat, all in an attempt to blunt the power of these competing tugs on the wheel, soon we’re here. With too many in our nation who believe that the other side is made up of pedophiles who drink baby blood in league with satan. And if all you want is some votes, you will stoke these sentiments, even past the point where some loon shows up at the pizza joint and shoots up the place.

Thank God for the clarity of 2020. We got to see for ourselves who hears Black Lives Matter, and have a freak out fit. Thank God for the clarity that we all got when we saw how fast we can move 2.2TRILLION dollars from the national treasury. It took 2020 and the death of ol’ RBG for us all to see how morally pliable and intellectually inconsistent power can be, in moving toward ends that justify the means. In 2020 we got to really see who it is at the frontlines of wealth creation, when it was time to go back to work, and the bosses stayed home while pumping y’all full of “essential worker”. In 2020 we can take something that was never controversial, like mask-wearing as a pandemic response, then politicize it, and watch people not just be gullible, but grow aggressive in their ignorance.

Here in Venice, we have always known that there are homeless everywhere, but it seems like in 2020, ain’t no hiding it anymore. Here and nationally, homelessness has become so in our faces, that some neighbors are becoming less welcoming. All of these are outcomes from greed that is out of control, and lust for power. I’m going to D.C., full of 2020 clarity, to address the failure of the two-party control apparatus to rein in the greedy, who right now are making all of us their b!tches. If you’ve been paying attention up to here, it is clear that my analysis sees our negative political outcomes mostly as a result of the greedy who are using the two-party system to stuff themselves with all the wealth and power. If we’re not down with all that here in the Thirty-Third, what is our representative, Congressman Ted Lieu, doing to undo the plutocracy that is solidifying all around us? Good ‘ol Ted Lieu is a safe centrist not here to rock the boat. And we love him for it… we could do much worse in the 33rd. He’s a great politician with a nice go-along-to-get-along like Barack Obama, an acceptable choice for the greedy bankers like Galvin Newsom, a fundraising hero racking up all that sweet wall street fundraising dollars like Cory Booker, all the while justifying it all by telling themselves that they have to play the game to get the power, to help the little guy…. but somewhere along the line, as all the steps gotta get checked off, the little guy is forgotten. These mild centrist don’t really have the fight in their hearts, to stick their necks out for the little guy. He ain’t no Katie Porter. Still we love him, he’s reliably awesome. He can bring home some bacon, he can be reasonably expected to tow the “liberal” line, he fits the mold of wanting a better world for us all. We could do much worse. Until we need much more.

Now we need a neck that will stick way out — not safely like the centrist Waxman who stuck his neck out just a little, when empire started to roar right after 9/11 — he was replaced by Lieu, who learned to not speak up too much. We need a broad shoulder who can carry the insistent truths of 2020 with us, when we make governing decisions. Off to Washington to stand up to the Republicans and Democrats who are selling us out to the greedy. This is a real what-do-we-have-to-lose moment… we can see that so much is at stake, we need a true outsider we can count on.

I have been writing in these pages of The Beachhead for many years, not knowing that I was contributing to the public record for a lot of my policy positions. Truly I’m as out there as it comes. I am freely in Venice, soaking up all that we have access to, from the ground level of activism and organizing. I live in my car and don’t do drugs (tho I smoke hella blunts), I’ve developed a clear mind that allows me to spend my days in the close observation that only an unencumbered perspective can grant. Now that we’ve arrived at the moment when enough of us can see the value of this outsider point of view, I am ready. I am nimble and imaginative, a blank slate who came out of nowhere. This becomes tremendously valuable when it is time to define myself and there is little prior baggage clouding perceptions. And doesn’t America love an underdog story? The 33rd’s forte in story-telling helped solidify this into our national psyche. Well I’m that underdog.

Imagine all the first that I will be upon winning… the first member of congress to come back home to his van (by then it’ll probably be nicer than my current Pontiac Aztec), has there ever been a member with dreds?, the first to run and win on such a minimally financed campaign not requiring all my energy going to fund-raising. I am ready. And with the ace card of being balanced, my hands are not tied to left and right, leaving me open to consider policy solutions from both conservative and progressive liberal positions. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. How are we gonna win? Good ol’ Ted Lieu does not know what he is in for, but he’s no push-over.

In Venice we understand the value of holding attention. We understand that MySpace was a billion dollar company — until all the people left and took with them their attention. We understand the value of creating a positive spectacle. If you get enough eyeballs, the passerby can then decide if they will pay attention or not, and if enough are paying attention, it just causes others to wanna see too. That is the secret to our campaign. shhhhh, don’t tell the media…. cause they won’t even start covering us until we become an undeniable force. Then it will be known that we were here all along, reaching voters spectacle after spectacle, until traditional media is fighting themselves to get to our next spectacle… As a student of Venice this will come very easy… Upon publishing of this announcement, this becomes my job for the next two years. We win because I am committed to the outcome, and I am ready to work as hard as it takes to bring forth our clarity. Send ol’ Ted Lieu a heads-up… he seems like a cool guy who doesn’t need to get blindsided by our campaign which is gonna blossom out of nowhere. Clip him a copy of this article and send it to his office. Let him know to not take it personally, cause in winning we are going to need big chunks of his staff and governing apparatus. We need all the help we can to take on the greedy… I’m sure his insight will prove quite valuable when I make it to D.C.