HAPPY HOLIDAZE marty liboff
It should be Christmas every day of the year
give gifts to the poor and those who are dear.
Give love, kindness, compassion and joy
to every man, woman, girl and boy.
Don’t just be good on December 24 th
every day let your love go forth.
The homeless, poor and sick need your love
be like an angel from above.
The whole world is in need
but politicians and the rich have only greed.
Care for the sick, disabled and poor
and to the children give more and more.
Be like Santa and his reindeer comin to town
give gifts and charity and don’t wear a frown.
With a merry ho, ho, ho
be generous and don’t be a stingy shmoe.
JC wanted us to help and love one another
all people are really our sister and brother.
So let it be Hanukah and Christmas all the time
and I hope you like my little holiday rhyme.
DAY TO NIGHT marty liboff
My old dad used to say,
“My day goes from day to night.”
Now that I am old and alone
my day goes from day to night.
My dad when he was old
had lost his wife- my mom.
He was sick and at home all day
watching the same old TV shows
and watching the sun rise, the sun set.
Now I am old and sick and stay home
and watch those same old TV shows
and watch the sun rise, the sun set.
Man, when we are young we think
we are so great and special, but-
What is Life for?
What is Life all about?
Is there any meaning to Life?
Or do we all really just live our lives
from day to night?
In between maybe there is a little bit
of joy and laughter and a smile or two
tempered by a bit of sadness and loneliness
and the rest is from day to night
day to night, day to night.
RUN! marty liboff
A madman with a gun
A sicko with a gun
A terrorist with a gun
A racist with a gun
better run, run, run-
Some want to kill Blacks & Jews
there are so many shootings in the news.
Some are mad at their girlfriends or mom
want to blow up the world with a bomb!
There’s a bully at school
so they shoot up the school or shul.
They’re unhappy, alone and depressed
shoot and murder because they’re repressed.
Kill, kill, kill
the news and movies show it’s such a thrill.
Video games make killing so much fun
with a sword, punch or gun.
I got a gun, you got a gun, we all got a gun
so ya better run, run, run!
Arguments, hate, fighting
pick up a gun and start shooting.
Guns sold everywhere
it is such a scare, bullets rip and tear.
Mothers and fathers cry
everywhere children are shot and die.
Shoot, shoot, bang, bang
madmen, cops and a gang.
Another soldier sick from war
wants to settle some invisible score.
Everywhere bullets are flying
innocents wounded and dying.
So many guns is insane
blood runs like rain.
Coffins and graves of the dead
the innocent’s blood runs red.
Americans won’t end their gun love
the angels cry from above.
A madman with a gun
A sicko with a gun
A terrorist with a gun
A racist with a gun
better run, run, run.