By Ivonne Guzman
On April 14, 758 Sunset Ave., a Small Lot Subdivision that was DENIED by the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission (WLAAPC) was heard by Los Angeles, PLUM (Planning Land Use and Management) Committee. Councilperson Mike Bonin took jurisdiction over the project at the request of the applicant and Planning Department. The room was packed with standing room only, with many left outside the hearing doors. When the appellant representative arrived she was rushed to the podium, as the item had been moved up on the agenda. The appellant himself had a heart attack just one hour prior to the hearing due to the emotional distress caused by the case, and was rushed by ambulance to Santa Monica Hospital.
Testimony was heard by some of the public for and against the project. Halfway through the hearing quorum was lost, according to Chair Councilperson Jose Huizar. Councilpersons Mitchell Englander and Gilbert Cedillo would be attending the State of the City Address by Mayor Eric Garcetti, and therefore quorum was lost. It was announced by the Chair Jose Huizar that he would be making a recommendation to the full council and those who were not able to speak could attend the full City Council meeting the following day. Many in the audience had taken the day off on that day, and were not able to attend the following day.
There was NO due process for 758 Sunset once it got to the PLUM Committee. The full merits of the project that took 4.5 hours in WLAAPC were not discussed at ALL! Once Councilperson Mike Bonin took jurisdiction via the 245 Rule, the entirety of the WLAAPC decision was null and void and was to be heard in its entirety by PLUM. This in fact did not happen either in the PLUM Committee or the full City Council. The item passed unanimously at Council Chambers on April 15. The project can be further appealed to the City, CEQA and The California Coastal Commission.