A Prayer for our Beloved Neighborhood, Venice.

This is what I prefer to call Vision Seed (aka Prayer) for our neighborhood. Some people don’t believe in prayer but if we understand prayer as a Vision that we hold and give energy to with the intent of manifesting, it is a powerful and pragmatic practice. I encourage all to verbalize and envision this prayer as often as possible. It will unite and create pathways of justice and beauty for us and our neighborhood. I introduce some Native-Indigenous words and concepts that might not be familiar to most readers but feel free to exchange words with equivalent sentiments where you feel inclined to.  

Prayer for Venice, CA


Tlazocamati, (thank you) Great Mystery, Mother Earth, Tongva /KizhAncestors of this land Kuruvunga-Sa’agna we now call Venice, and to our Spirit relatives who guide us to our highest good.

Thank you for this day and all our blessings— our home, our access to water, our family, and even all the blessings we may not see.

As we walk through the streets of Venice  and all the territories of this hemisphere, allow our minds and hearts to hear and be guided by the spirits of  the earth, beauty, and righteousness that have been here long before we ever set foot on this land. Help us hear them with our heart and senses and to act on their behalf.

May those working for equity, healing, justice, and prosperity for all relations past, present, and future of this sacred land and all lands, be blessed with the unity, wisdom, integrity, resources, and opportunities to continue bringing these beautiful things into fruition.

For all those who walk blindly in greed, drunk in privilege, quests for material profit, apathy,  and cultures that displace original peoples, may their minds and hearts be nurtured into a more righteous path.

May all entities that seek to operate in deception and act contrary to the righteous wellbeing and integrity of our beloved neighborhood (Venice – Kuruvunga- Sa’agna), our families, and prosperity for all, be brought to the light and humbled by the Sacred Fire.

Continue to bless our beautiful neighborhood Venice, this sacred  Tongva-Kizh Land with blessings of beauty, justice, and prosperity.  May all that has been unrighteously taken, materially, and  spiritually, from us, from our families, the families who co-created the beautiful Spirit and Culture of this town and of those who’ve been unrighteously erased or displaced, be restored in the most beautiful way.

May there be One Heart, One Spirit, One Mind, in the direction of this Vision, this Prayer, and these Principles.

Tlazocamati (thank you) Creator and Ancestors

A’ho Ometeotl  (Amen, etc.)