Venice Beachhead
sports harbour venice closed

The Sports Harbour & The Terrace Closed by “Venice Restaurant Group”

Venice, CA- The "Venice Restaurant Group" closes down beloved Sports Harbour bar, continuing on their pattern of shameful business practices.
venice japanese memorial monument

Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument Commemoration April 2019

The Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument Committee is very pleased to announce its speakers for the VJAMM Commemoration on Thursday, April 18, 2019
Venice dogz protest starbucks Chain stores

Venice Dogz Return to Protest National Chains on OFW

Venice Dogz return to protest and bring awareness to the invasion of corporate national chains on Venice Beach Boardwalk.
Venice Beach, CA Poetry

A Poem by Nazim Hikmet – 1948

ON LIVING I. Living is no laughing matter : you must live with great seriousness like a squirrel, for example- I mean without looking for something beyond and above living. I mean living must be your whole occupation. Living is no laughing matter : you must take it seriously, so much so and to such...

A Poem by Helene Wolff

Are they blinded by the rays of sun and floodlights? Do they look the other way and cup their hands to fog-stopped ears, those scornful sneerers by the Bay? Here inside my heart is where it lies! Here laughter rules, jazz wails and beats for dancers in the surf. Helene Wolff 1972
Venice Beach, CA Poetry

3 Poems by Marty Liboff

HAPPY HOLIDAZE marty liboff It should be Christmas every day of the year give gifts to the poor and those who are dear. Give love, kindness, compassion and joy to every man, woman, girl and boy. Don’t just be good on December 24 th every day let your love go forth. The homeless, poor and...

Trust We Will

by Alan Rodman We rented a portable black and white tv set from a repair shop in the summer of 1968, just in time for me to see the success of the Apollo 8 orbital mission of the Moon. My dad agreed to pay .50 a day for the rental, which was a week’s allowance...

Staying Alive To Create A Better World: A Trans-National Alliance Invitation

By Pat Raphael 20 We have made it! We’ve arrived at the end of another year and none of us were taken out by our heart giving up and stopping to beat, or falling to that big C cancer, or going to the doctor and having a well meaning medical professional make a fatal mistake...


By John Okulick I did attend. I had only two minutes to read a list of questions that I would like answers to, as a CPRA request. After several attempts to get answers, Tara Devine, manager of the BID, said she would get back to me, which really means she will do nothing as usual....
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