chris "cooksie" cook skater

Chris “Cooksie” Cook —one of the Best Skaters to come out of the 80’z

Venice, CA— Chris “Cooksie” Cook is without a doubt one of the best skaters to come out of the 80’z / early 90’z era. He is so underrated it’s a crime.
venice lives event

Victory at the Venice Lives Celebration + Photos

Venice Lives Celebration— reclaiming sacred space in Venice., a symbolic event unifying diverse Venice Locals in one significant place and Spirit
venice beach brewery

Venice Duck Beer

Venice Beach, CA— Venice Duck founders thought they should also have their own spirits brand, and thought, "Venice has got to have its own beer", and thus, Venice Duck Beer was born.
First Baptist, CA Church of Venice

The First Baptist Church of Venice is the Living History of Venice

The Black History display at the Abbot Kinney Library in Venice will be up until the end of March.In recognition of Black History Month for 2019, an exhibit and discussion session was held on Saturday, February 16 in the meeting room of the library.

Trust We Will

by Alan Rodman We rented a portable black and white tv set from a repair shop in the summer of 1968, just in time for me to see the success of the Apollo 8 orbital mission of the Moon. My dad agreed to pay .50 a day for the rental, which was a week’s allowance...
Venice, CA | Chicano History

Why Being a Venice Original Matters Why (Venice) History Matters

By Mike Bravo “People don’t need your approval to move to Venice” “Who cares how long you’ve been here.” In the same arrogant spirit of their colonizer archetypes and ancestors, dismissive gentrifier remarks like the ones above should come as no surprise. Ironically, many of them even have their Westward Expansion styled mustache and hairstyles...


Once upon a time the Rolling Stones sang,“What a drag it is getting old…” What they should have sang was, what a drag it is BEING OLD! The Israel Levin Senior Center at 201 Ocean Front Walk in Venice closed on May 22nd. It will be demolished and in its place Jewish Family Services plans...
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