venice, ca black church

FBCV and the Black Lives Matter Mural

On Saturday, February 20, the Save Venice group assembled a gathering in front of the First Baptist Church of Venice to commemorate the new Black Lives Matter mural at E.L. Holmes Square in the Heart of Venice

24th & Pacific

In 1988 I lived with Jayme “VISION” / “Crazy J” Burtis, his dog Ike, also for a little while our friend Matt lived with us and slept in a closet, and of course the endless amounts of people that crashed on our floor..
chris "cooksie" cook skater

Chris “Cooksie” Cook —one of the Best Skaters to come out of the 80’z

Venice, CA— Chris “Cooksie” Cook is without a doubt one of the best skaters to come out of the 80’z / early 90’z era. He is so underrated it’s a crime.
first baptist church of venice, ca update fight

Dec 2020— Update on First Baptist Church of Venice

As of August 2020, the fight for the reclamation of this historic space known as the First Baptist Church of Venice (FBCV) turned three years..
West L.A. Chicano Moratorium 2020

2020 Westside Chicano Moratorium Celebration

West Los Angeles – Aug 29th, 2020 Westside's own march & rally celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium at Virginia Park in Santa Monica.

Chaka Forman at George Floyd Memorial at First Baptist Church of Venice,.

Venice, CA— Educator Chaka Forman's shares powerful words at George Floyd memorial at Historic First Baptist Church of Venice
Venice Beach Black History Event 2020

5th Annual Black History Month at Venice Library

Save Venice hosted its 5th Annual Venice Black History event at the Venice Library for Black History Month .
venic memories from the 60s

Childhood Memory from the 60’s

Venice, CA -- Childhood memories form the 60s by John McInally
venice first baptist church of venice

The Fight for First Baptist Church of Venice Continues with Renewed Vigor

A recent conversation with Venice Elder Carol Powell about the significance of the First Baptist Church of Venice, an historical African-American church in the heart of Venice.
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