Support Community Housing – Join the 100 letter challenge

Be part of the solution to end the dire housing crisis in Venice Show your support for Venice Community Housing by signing a letter of support for Lincoln Apartments in Venice, 40 homes for transition aged youth (18-24) and others who have experienced homelessness. Your letter will be sent to the City of LA before...

A Bridge Home Opens

On February 22, 2020, Venice's A Bridge Home transitional shelter held its first and last public open house to a mixed crowd of the curious, the supporters, and the skeptical and bitter few

Summation of VNC’s Fascistic Removal of Matt Fisher

Venice, CA— Break down of the February VNC board meeting's unhonorable motion to remove preeminent PoC and Unhoused advocate Matt Fisher.

Update on Planter Boxes | Sep 2019

Since the recent removals of planter boxes, numerous sections have been added to pre-existing boxes at the Post Office,

 Lambert The Loser

Carl Lambert loses again, but Like a villain in a comic book, he dies, only to come back a few issues later.  It will take constant vigilance to guard against the Lamberts of our time but the People of Venice will win again.  Venice always wins.

Reese Davidson vs. the Venice Nimby pt.2

Venice, CA— Comparing the facts of the Reese-Davidson project against NIMBY concerns.

Report on Alleged New Public Art Space on 3rd & Rose Ave.

Venice, CA— Gentrification agents pit marginalized communities against each other in attempt to displace unhoused citizens.

Update on Reese-Davidson Community

An affordable and supportive housing development on the parking lots at Venice-Dell-Pacific Venice Community Housing and Hollywood Community Housing are excited to announce that our planned housing development has been named the Reese-Davidson Community, and that images of the site are now ready for viewing!  We are also planning a clean-up, beautification and outreach day...

Moe Stavnezer – Presenté

  Moe Stavnezer was a tireless fighter for a Venice which is now gone but not yet forgotten. It was a Venice which was a counter cultural mecca, a community of small individual two story or 24 foot high homes and duplexes, of homeowners with small incomes, working stiffs, professionals and students who voted Democrat...

Venice-Dell-Pacific Housing Project Proposed implementation of HHH in our neighborhood

By Lisa Robins The mysterious Venice-Dell-Pacific (VDP) is a controversial project which would create 136 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing on city owned land in the median currently being used as a parking lot, bordering North and South Venice Boulevards, Dell, and Pacific Avenues. There’s been a maelstrom of competing claims by various...
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