Social Justice

How To Suffer Fools In Venice

There will never be an end to foolishness in Venice, foolishness is it's most important resource.
venice lives event

Victory at the Venice Lives Celebration + Photos

Venice Lives Celebration— reclaiming sacred space in Venice., a symbolic event unifying diverse Venice Locals in one significant place and Spirit
First Baptist, CA Church of Venice

The First Baptist Church of Venice is the Living History of Venice

The Black History display at the Abbot Kinney Library in Venice will be up until the end of March.In recognition of Black History Month for 2019, an exhibit and discussion session was held on Saturday, February 16 in the meeting room of the library.

March for Humanity on MLK’s Birthday!

MONDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM – Western and MLK Jr. Blvd. Los Angeles. Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition of Greater LA in partnership with the Poor People’s campaign will be marching for Human Rights Issues in the Los Angeles Kingdom Day Parade.  Healthy California Campaign coalition have been asked to join them as they...

There’s a Monolith at Venice and Lincoln

By Jim Smith, photos by Margaret Molloy. The intersection of Lincoln and Venice Blvd. is now my favorite corner in Venice. It’s hard to believe, but there’s a shiny, new black monolith on the northwest sidewalk. If you haven’t been reading the Beachhead or didn’t come to the dedication, April 27, you may think it...

Why Property Owners Should Vote NO to the Venice Beach Business Improvement District

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are, by design, controlled by a very small group of commercial property owners, excluding the voice of most paying into the BID and completely excluding residential property owners, tenants, commercial operators who lease their sites, and other stakeholders in Venice. Venice Beach has long been a center for democracy and diversity...

Ending Police Brutality

by Michael Wamback From Ferguson to Venice, police abuse of power has been a hot topic. We get upset about it, and rightly so. But where does it come from, and what can we do about it? The history of police abuse of power goes back to the beginning of time. To me, it’s a...

My World: Race in America

By Ronald K. Mc Kinley I recently had a conversation, discussion, with someone I held in some regard. What we discussed is not important. We did not agree. This someone said to me “In your world,” when we did not concur. I could not respond. It was strange. We were not alone; others were listening,...


Dear Beachhead LOST IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST -as told to Chee Wah Wah seagull- written anonymously out of fear. I was hanging out one evening by the pagoda on Dudley Avenue in Venice. The memorial photo of Shakespeare watched over us. He was gunned down there a week earlier by order of the...
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