Venice Neighborhood Council

Editorial on Upcoming 2019 Venice Neighborhood Council Elections

The election for the board of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) will be held on Sunday, June 2, 2019. A big voter turnout is expected and much controversy will surely follow

VNC Candidates: Anything but George Francisco

Venice, CA - An important candidate consideration for Venice Neighborhood Council Elections 2019

What Needs to Be Said

by Mark Lipman Due to the draconian 1 minute time limit for public comment at the Venice Neighborhood Council – which prevents a calm and respectful conversation on the issues that are most important to the community, here is my full statement for the people of Venice and VNC: I moved to Venice in February...


By Lisa Robins “Everyone wants to help the homeless….but Not In My Backyard!” This is the overwhelming challenge facing the implementation of HHH, the LA City measure approved by 77% of voters providing funding for housing for the homeless. Several months back, there was an opinion piece in the Argonaut titled “Confession of a Venice...

Report on Alleged New Public Art Space on 3rd & Rose Ave.

Venice, CA— Gentrification agents pit marginalized communities against each other in attempt to displace unhoused citizens.


By Jon Wolff The following is from a recent conversation with Venice Activist, Naomi Nightingale about the fight to preserve the historic First Baptist Church on Westminster Avenue and 7th Avenue in the Oakwood Community in Venice. Naomi Nightingale: The church has always been a part of Venice. It’s been here ever since I was...

If George Francisco Could Speak

George Francisco is the Vice President of the Venice Neighborhood Council. Why is it that he doesn’t say much at meetings?

Against The BID – Business Improvement District

Notes from the neighborhood meeting. Dear Venice Friends and Neighbors Opposed to the Venice Private Police Department (BID): THANK YOU for spending Saturday morning together, and raising the important questions and concerns about the proposed Venice Beach BID. Based on the meeting’s discussion, we have summarized the follow up information and actions below. Please let...

Batman of Venice

By Krista Schwimmer On the evening of Friday the 13th, I was home alone, preparing to take a delicious, soothing bath – (yes, I do know there’s a drought going on – so this was a bit of a selfish splurge.) I had just returned from a depressing meeting in Huntington Beach: the California Coastal...