Chris “Cooksie” Cook —one of the Best Skaters to come out of the 80’z

Chris “Cooksie” Cook is without a doubt one of the best skaters to come out of the 80’z / early 90’z era. He is so underrated it’s a crime. He was a part of the infamous underground Team THC (Thomas, Hartsel, Cook). Look at that nose pick he is doing, it’s as on point as can be. His whole style is so bad ass. Every person is giving Cooksie their full attention and rightly so. 

     Then you have the graffiti, the ramp and walls are riddled with it like bullets in a drive by, both being such a common thing during that time. You can almost smell Big Daddy’s Pizza and Danny saying “Come get a slice” with his floppy hat on. I would walk down there at 8am praying that he was open to get two chili cheese dogs with grilled onions and a large soda to help cure my hangover, either before or after surfing. 

     Every name on that ramp and wall has a story of their own that is as unique or equal to the next person. An urban wonderland with it’s own rules and rough terrain, with a people and culture that defined it to it’s very core.

Chris “Cooksie” Cook

Venice, CA 1988

Photo & Words: 

Josh “Bagel” Klassman