Letter to Bonin re: permitted uses on OFW

Dear Mike Bonin and Tricia
cc: venicebeachhead
The legal permitted use for 619 & 701 Ocean Front Walk according to the most current Certificates of Occupancy is live/ work condominium (residential) units. 619 & 701 Ocean Front Walk are not Creative Office Space in an Architectural Building.
The community of Venice has protested Snapchat’s illegal use of properties in Venice including 619 & 701 Ocean Front Walk.
Venice is a mess because of illegal uses. We have complained to your office repeatedly. I walked the entire boardwalk with Tricia on May 9, 2016.
Snapchat is moving. Your office needs to communicate with these companies that these properties including many on Market Street need to be returned to their legal uses- resident & visitor-serving uses not illegal opaque-windowed office spaces & private staff canteens.
We want our neighborhood back.
A Concerned Citizen
17016-20000-06987_Cert of Occupancy_710 Ocean Front_4.5.2017 _Page_1.png17016-20000-06984_Cert of Occupancy_619 Ocean Front_4.5.2017 _Page_1.png