Dear Beachhead, 
I don’t get it.  I never did.  
I don’t obsess about RV’s, or caravans, or motor coaches or moho’s or whatever you want to call them.  However, some people do.  I still don’t get it.  Appears to me this obsessing is done mostly by people who have a lot of free time on their hands, concern themselves about what other people do, how they live, what they look like and do they look like an ad in a house good-looking mag… or a commercial…some kind of a beauty contest.
 This has been going on for a really unconscionable period of time when, at the same time, much more important things are going on, like the possible beginning of WWIII or a 2nd Civil War. 
 Why then are moho’s still being manufactured?  Why haven’t they been taken off the market? Seems that you can buy them but you can’t use them in too many places… unless they are new, or corporately owned. This does not seem right to me or even “capitalistic”…for that matter. 
 Reminds me too much of WWII, the Gypsies, the Jewish People, the disabled and what happened to them…
Betty Rexie
Venice, CA
Dear Beachhead,
Thank you for all your fine reporting.
Earl Newman