Local Psycho Predicts Future

In an astounding feat of government and business cooperation, housing is being provided for all homeless people by the Southern California Real Estate Association. “Our business has been exploiting the Real Estate Market for decades, it’s time we paid something back.” said SCRCA spokeman Sly Shpiel. Homeless people are advised to go to any Real Estate Office or stop any Realtor on the street and ask for their housing. Funds for this program come from Federal Fines against Big Banks and consent agreement settlements of class action suit on banks, the Real Estate Trusts, and Realtors. Monster Mansions and Ghost Mansions which were largely purchased by money launderers for the drug cartels, and fugitive capital, have been confiscated and turned into public housing.

“We are so happy we have found a way to do the right thing and solve this terrible problem. “ said local Realtor Spami Fartee, “It’s costing us billions but it’s the right thing to do. We have finally rid Ocean Front Walk of the unsightly mess. Our new residents have cleaned themselves up, taken baths, gotten a good night’s rest. This really benefits us all, and it keeps me out of prison.” President Bernie Sanders said, “We have been victorious in restoring to the American worker, the money that was stolen from them by the banks and investment funds.” “We have set a new standard for social justice!” said Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Warren. Amen to that.