Long term prospect for Venice property not so good.

venice_flood_zone2Global dirty energy corporations’ relentless drive to exploit our earth is leading to an environmental crisis. Polar caps are melting and ice sheets are breaking off. The metling ice releases methane, accellerating the global warming process. The drought that began in the eastern mediterranean in 1998 is likely the worst drought of the past 900 years. Predictions of global sea rising can range from five feet to eighteen feet. Below is a map of local flooding if the sea rises ten feet. If you look at the entire map of LA County, Venice is the hardest hit. This kind of flooding could also occur during a Tsunami. It appears that Republican Congress and White House will be barreling ahead with drill baby drill, polluting waterways and landscapes all over the US and the world, while the Militarized Police assault any interference. Yes, the planet was despoiled, but for a wonderful time we created a lot of value for shareholders and Wall Street and Venice Property Owners.