NOPD, NOPD, a thousand times NOPD

By Jim Smith
Venice is a beach town
Not a highfalutin suit-and-tie town
The waves come and go ’cause they’re free,
and, yes indeed, so are we.
It’s a pleasure to live by the ocean blue
but that don’t mean you can’t come too.
Our friends drop by when they please
there’s no need to R-S-V-P
Come on down and you shall see
Venice, the greatest place there’ll ever be
It’s goin’ on now, and 24/7
in our little piece of heaven
We’ll make new friends every single day
if we just loosen up and share the right-of-way
Dear neighbors don’t hide behind fences ever so high
Don’t drive away Venetians and visitors between 2 and five.
So visit often and bring your board, or kids,
a picnic lunch, your drum, and a little fizz
Come escape that summer nighttime inner-city heat
Swing shift workers head for the beach, what a treat
Watch that late night Moon over Venice sink into the sea
Sit on the sand while the stars shine oh so bright, whoopee!
Come one, come all, rich and poor, beautiful people of the rainbow,
LBGT and otherly abled, come see Venice before it’s just a fable
We like it all, that’s true, but let me make it very clear
NOPD, We don’t need no stinkin’ OPD permits around here
That dumb old Pay to Park
Just makes me want to barf.