Update on Planter Boxes | Sep 2019

camp mark ryavec

Camp Ryavec

Since the recent removals of planter boxes, numerous sections have been added to pre-existing boxes at the Post Office, and a couple of new boxes were thrown in to prevent anyone from sleeping in between the old ones. The Post Office, Venice Stakeholders Association, and Neighbors of Grand have added booby traps, using the Post Office’s federal property and water supply to hose down anyone sleeping on the sidewalk. Two unhoused vendors who sleep there were attacked on multiple nights by flooding water from the Post Office booby traps, and they were arrested for defending themselves and dismantling the booby traps.

The Post Office and crew said that the boxes were not new, and that the booby traps were supposed to be sprinklers and must have broken, according to the 311 report I received. Unfortunately for them, I took before-and-after pictures of the boxes and had Bureau of Street Services inspect and measure every single one. I also reported the booby trap sprinklers days before the incidents to multiple sources and took photographic evidence as well.

Not only are the Stakeholders Association, Friends of Grand and federal Post Office displacing unhoused people and breaking multiple laws and ordinances in the process, they are now assaulting people for being on public property legally.