come see me, please – by Aryn Youngless
To Forget for the Moment – by Gabriel Johnson
A Good Mother (for my friend, Kitty) – by Mary Getlein
Grunt – by Suzanne Vidal
Oily Verbiage, a found poem from the PXP Hydraulic Fracturing Study – by Lynn Bronstein
A Haiku Concerning the Concerning Silence of an American Huriane – by TravelinMaam
Hope – by Majid Naficy
Exposed Root – by Tyler Uhlenhake
Roger Houston
Operation OXX Brigade – by Mark Breza
come see me, please
come find me, please
I will be
in the grass
in the trees
in the sky
I’ll be waiting
waiting for the world
for a breath
for a moment
I will be
you will see
right there
don’t take too long, please
I’m not impatience
nor a thought of indolence
but I am here
in this spot
I fear the ivy will grow
the moss will collect
I will be covered
you won’t see me
you’ll walk past
I’ll be encased in vivacity
you’ll walk right by
come find me, please
I will be
in my car
on the street
driving by
don’t blink
If you blink
I may pass by
you won’t see me
I will try to honk
and catch your eye
with the sun just right
and a full smile
hair blowing gently
in the breeze of the window
You’ll see
I’ll be living
but still…
come see me, please
Aryn Youngless
To Forget For The Moment 
(A Little Way Further)
All around me
Ants and men
lay struggling
with their crushed abdomens and dreams
stuck to the concrete
though their strong lets
work frantically at first
and then less so
as futility settles in
they cannot go on
their plans are cancelled
their lives are cancelled
collateral damage
taken from the foot
of a careless giant passing by
their legs can no longer lift them
at least not on their own
should God look down
should I kneel down
to blow the ants along
a little way further
with breath like a southern wind
to give them wings before they die
like a runaway bee
free of direction
to forget for the moment
all they’ve left behind
– Gabriel Johnson
Herlong Federal Prison
A Good Mother (for my friend, Kitty)
it makes me want to cry
when she tells me the story of visiting
her son in prison
how he has to stand in line with other
mothers and fathers
and wait
how when she finally sees him
she feels so much better
to see that he’s alright,
he’s not beaten down by the system
to see his face and hug him
once a month
and her voice softens and is warm,
talking about “her boy”
and she isn’t bitter or angry
she has this amazing acceptance of the deal
it’s been two years now
and they are appealing it
but thy have to drive 250 miles, each way
so they can stand in line and wait
for that one moment of grace
when she can see him again
hold him again
and reassure both of them that the bond
is still there
and the one person who loves him the most
is there, one more time
– Mary Getlein
We’ve become the Grunts
Grateful for crumbs
From the tables
Of bought and sold
And so called
I’m not enjoying
the movie.
What happened to
the sense of snowflakes?
It’s just in knowing
Our cherished dreams
Ever more reduced
Are straining through
Bleak forecasts.
Even sunny days
At the beachside
Don’t seem the same.
As grinning veneers
Pay senseless homage
To irreverent rascals.
It’s the numbing
Effect processing
As we lie
And doves are crying
On this beloved planet.
– Suzanne Verdal
Hi Beachhead Collective,
I created a poem out of tidbits from the report on effects of fracking that was solicited by PXP in order to “excuse” their fracking the earth. I did reporting on this for the Culver City Observer and  had to be objective. But for a poem I don’t have to be objective. The poem is a found poem, made from words from the
actual report. It was the report, not me, that included the words “completely wrong results,” LOL.
Lynne Bronstein
Oily Verbiage
a found poem from the PXP 
Hydraulic Fracturing Study
Sentous Surface
Moynier Surface
Rubel Surface
Rindge Surface
Sentous Surface with Faults
Moynier Surface with Faults
Rubel Surface with Faults
Rindge Surface with Faults
Vickers Surface with Faults
PICO Surface with Faults
Newport Inglewood Fault
Looking North
Discontinuous Water Bodies
Bodies and Faults
Nodular Shale
Perforating the Case
Less Viscous Flows More Readily
Commonly Known as Slurry
High Rate
Cross Linking
Ceramic Beads
Pumped into the well as slurry
Most conventional hydraulic fracturing jobs
Were completed in the Sentous
Study Well in the Sentous
Zone Together
When the rock develops cracks.
Gross Alpha Activity
Mistaken assumptions
Complex Underground System
Completely wrong results
Lynn Bronstein
A Haiku Concerning the Concerning Silence of an American Hurricane
by TravelinMaam
The waves were high and
The wind blew fire across Queens
What Death in Haiti?
by Majid Naficy
Emily Dickinson calls “hope” a bird
Who has perched in her soul
And without asking for seeds
Sings incessantly.
I saw it as a cricket
Who appeared in my childhood dreams,
Grew in my adolescent poems
And disappeared in the hubbub of a revolution.
Today I am left alone in exile
And yet, when I go to the balcony
To water the only flower in my house,
I hear the sound of a cricket
Who is calling me
From behind my neighbor’s bamboos.
Exposed Root 
by Tyler Uhlenhake
exposed root
flower or weed
decision to pull
decision to water
flower wills to bloom
weed wills to stifle
flower lends you breath
weed gives yet takes
which are you
which do you think to be
which do you strive to be
I choose flower
your choice is to pull
your choice is to water
your choice
then mine
00:01 Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, Adullam ….. About November third, not much
I’ve heard. Eleventh is for veterans. A word For the third Thursday; an ill-fated bird Gets sacrificed, for giving thanks. Absurd, our rituals. Ridiculous. I’m cured Of holidays, forever. Don’t be scared. A massive table, sure to be prepared. Mountains of mashed potatoes to be fared, With vast oceans of gravy. I’m assured An invitation. Cranberries are scored, With landings of great pumpkin pies, reward For all those who show up. Not very hard, accepting such a feast, Not yet endured. Prefer my quiet roommates, crust be shared …..
Roger Houston, to Henrietta Ford and CJWhitefang, Esquire
Operation OXX Brigade
By Mark Breza
Petraeus Betray US
on Veterans Day
under the table with a dark sable
droning away in sexual play
or was it in an Afghan Stable
shown all over the internet cable
her West Point Dossier
Kyber Pass <All In> Declassifiable
an elephant stone not a military sycophant
encrypted in an NSA jealousy rant
In a Tabloid Display
Informed citizens want to know           Was Ambassador Stevens
Lawrence of Arabia Fey