So, You Want to Submit

to the Free Venice Beachhead

Here’s the Scoop:

The Beachhead is always looking for new writers, artists, photographers, and fellow shit-disturbers. If you want to know what we publish, read current and past issues (found at
Please send your submissions to [email protected]  Try not to bombard us with all of your masterpieces at once! (i.e. fellow poets, start with one or two poems, not twelve) Deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month — though exceptions are made for breaking stories.
Remember: we are a Venice centered paper focused on social issues such as houselessness, gentrification, racisim, police brutality, women’s rights — to name We seek ORIGINAL, UNPUBLISHED works, not even seen on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Personal Blogs, or scrawled on the naked body of a streaker.
There is no pay for any of us. But the Free Venice Beachhead is the longest running underground, collective newspaper in the United States. Your work will be read!