Every moment is free, creative, ecstatic in eternity. Be wise and cherish the treasures in your memory. Eternity is a state of consciousness and every moment is blessed. Some lamb chops are bigger than others, however, they are all the best. All there is is NOW! So why am I concerned with Where, When & How? Enough to know, the latest name for God, O Wow! Know ye not that ye are Gods, so why not take a bow? If God is eternally everywhere, she would have to be inside of me and you. Don’t mind me, I’m just attempting to uncover what is endlessly true. The Sun bestows Light, Life & Love, and a spirituality that is ever new. The possibility for real genuine democracy is now in the spirit that inspired the red, white and blue. Many realms in Cosmic Eternal Existence. Why does the ego hang on with so much persistence? Its major trick and technique seems to be, to everything, resistance. It’s interesting to observe how the aware maintain a cool distance from ego.