Where to begin?  Well, since there was no beginning and will be no end, we’ll have to pick it up somewhere in the middle.  A lot of individuals (no such thing in this universe…maybe some other) wonder about the origin of things, and their end.  No energy is ever lost, it just changes form.  We have to get back to the awe of our childhood, back to our innocence and wonder, and adventure of the moment.  Every moment is an adventure when we get out of our mind and into our heart.  Death, control and individuality are all illusions of this dimension.  To take anything personally is to be duped by your ego. The idea of individual souls is an illusion.  The essential nature of life is Blissful Creativity.  Time and space are phenomena of this dimension and are transcended in the higher dimensions.  We are multi-dimensional and essentially, Absolute Spirit.  Our dharma is to blissfully create.  We are co-creators with the Absolute Spirit.  We need to take ourselves seriously blissful.  We need to feel more than we are thinking.  Thought keeps us in time, the illusion of ego.  The ego is active when we forget it is all eternally One and connected to all parts of itself.

It’s beyond the mind – the emotions are the link to the soul, and the soul is God within us.  The mind has a strong ego connection.  The ego survives in Time.  Reality transcends time.

If God is everywhere, forever, hell can’t be all that bad, and it would have to be existing in your psychosis, if you’ll forgive my obnoxiousness.  God is Love, and now I’m looking forward to a return to Paradise, with a 32-year-old wealthy, healthy, charismatic, creative, nymphomaniac, with modest standards, prone to charming old guys with a young, adventuresome spirit and a lively, erotic imagination.