Mike Bonin | First Baptist Church of Venice

Mike Bonin Walks Out On Black History

Councilman Mike Bonin's tokenism and community evasion shenanigans reach a new low.

What Needs to Be Said

by Mark Lipman Due to the draconian 1 minute time limit for public comment at the Venice Neighborhood Council – which prevents a calm and respectful conversation on the issues that are most important to the community, here is my full statement for the people of Venice and VNC: I moved to Venice in February...
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Winning Round One for the Oakwood Church

Summary of June 20th WLAAPC Hearing for teh First Baptist Church of Venice
Sam Jam Gentrification venice, CA

No More Sam Jam Mom, Please.

Penske sanctioned gentrification party desecrates First Baptist Church of Venice; takes over Oakwood Park for the day.

Mike Chamness, Wascally Wadical, interviewed by Greg Foisie and Ana Orozco

SOC 454 – Sociological Perspectives on Earth in Crisis – Winter 2015 California State University Los Angeles For Dr. Talcott by Ana Orozco, Erik Khachaturyan, and Greg Foisie SOC 454 – Winter 2015 – Group Final Project – Section #1 – Interview Transcript Final #2 Our CSULA student group sought to interview Occupy Venice, and...
gjusta restaurant venice

The Fakery

Gjusta is a tale of farce and fakery. Owner Fran Camaj told neighbors that he was building and opening a “bakery take-out only” that would be a less intensive use than the 8-10 person office that had occupied 320 Sunset prior to Gjusta being constructed.

Mike Bonin “Technically” Doing His Job

By Krista Schwimmer As protestors take to the Venice street to battle the illegal short-term rentals here in Venice, and individual citizens sue developers over destructive projects, the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) continues to make motions both sober and absurd in their own version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This was the case, at...

Mike Bonin Takes Jurisdiction Over Small Lot Subdivision Case Denied by West L.A. Planning Commission

Mike Bonin's action threatens the future of the Venice Coastal Zone, fails to enhance the neighborhoods, smart growth, and democratic community process.

Open Letter to Councilman Mike Bonin

By Mark Lipman As you have stated on several occasion, homelessness is a very important issue that you want to help find a solution to. To that, I would like to bring to your attention that today, a friend (who I shall not name) and long time Venice resident has become homeless and tonight will...

William Attaway Featured Artist

By CJ Gronner The Other Venice Film Festival is honoring William Attaway as its Featured Artist during all the screenings at Beyond Baroque (October 13-16th) so I thought it was about time I and We got to know a little bit more about the man behind a lot of the art that we see in...
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