to be a poet is to be a waiter
you wait for inspiration
you wait for that ray of sun
that illuminates,
explains some piece of life
that eluded you before:
a casual kiss of a child to its mother
a smile, a laugh –
you looking on: grateful for a happy glimpse of humanity
glad to leave the dark side
hungry for the light
a chance blessing that you grab up and put in a poem
a recipe for life:
some hope mixed in with the despair
the light on the horizon
the hope sensed only sometimes
that everything is going to be alright
that you came through the horror and the pain
and found joy
and can hear the angels calling your name
to tell you, you are blessed, you are safe
and everything is going to be alright
that you are protected and glorious
and every day your light can shine
if you let it
and someone can see your light
and be changed by it and let their light shine too
to be a poet is to wait.
– Mary Getlein
Dedicated to my daughter, Susan Getlein, who is stronger than she knows.